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Poetry and other forms of expression in literature all over the world are the strongest medium for reflecting the nuances of a particular society. Urdu is a modern language which emerged in the Indian sub-continent and reflects most aptly the composite heritage of the Indian people in all its dimensions. The language was adopted by the Hindus and Muslims alike and also became a prominent vehicle of our anti-imperialist struggle. Its rich vocabulary, multiple forms of expression, popular script and its ability to cater to the taste of the learned and the common men alike has made the language an important tool of historical reconstruction. All forms of Urdu is the most important carries of our recent historical past. There has been an indomitable line of scholars writing in Urdu who while popularizing the language also made a formidable contribution in strengthening our composite culture and heritage. There is a vast corpus of Urdu literature which has not been assessed with the perspective of revisiting our historical past particularly with the objective of national reconstruction. These days I am working research on this thirst area this Article describing important elements of Hindu-Muslim culture and integration and their relevance to national reconstruction attempts to highlight the traces of a common heritage. Herein lays the relevance of Urdu literature in reflecting the elements of this common identity. My work will make a brief survey of the trends in Urdu writing and will suitably contribute to a socio-historical reconstruction of the India. It will also help in shaping our perspective of a common Indian heritage.
 I have distinguished career in fields as varied as different form of Urdu, Hindi and English literature & different parts and subjects of the educational studies. As an Urdu scholar i have written on different facts of various schools and thoughts in the form of prose more and in the form of poetry. all together, i am associated with various literal, cultural, social, educational, and learned giants’ organizations and educational institutions of higher learning in India & abroad. I am well-known as a human friendly personality. I want possessing exceptional intellect and repute in Urdu language and literatures academia. i am significantly contributing to knowledge through my enormous writings teachings my contribution continue will flowing and enriching the different form of so many language and literature and want to gaining international repute. In every class I am trying to disclose a lot of hidden thoughts of education and human philosophy among my students. I want to develop my student’s knowledge as reference document. My creative contribution will continue to grow throughout my end life. My interest is in comprehensive. Poetry, philosophy, sociology, English, education and the rest. I am amazingly multidimensional and humorous, which gives lot of knowledge to students with other people. I want to build-up my students like giant and international scholar and intellectual which will make them popular with all kind of people’s want to established my reputation by my published research work/contribution in Urdu world and i am always trying to present Urdu language literature through other source or spectrum on global level as for example, science, technology, economy, & employment etc. disciplines which will value based research work for the development of Urdu language and useful for general masses in reference source of employment. i want generate best scholar of Urdu who will host the flag of India around the world. They will hold professional and research position in many countries and will served as a research advisor and expert on many bodies and has been a number of various international commissions. They will be author of outnumber eye-opening books. They will published thousands mark able articles in top ranking referred/professional international journals. Their seminal research will shows a guiding light to the modern society which writings will reflect a progressive approach and imagination.  i am looking the modern and progressive world living in conservative and stagnant society. The great writers of the world, thus, pecked modernity through the medieval window. They also imbibed discipline, talked about social harmony and integrity in the ray of different religion through their top ranking writings. Their imagination is educative, informative, and scientific in nature.  The bottom line of mine hard creative and research works, thus, casts an image of harmonies, disciplined, scientific, rational and modernized society based on human dignity & justice. i thoroughly was enjoying my academic life with my books. it has opened new vistas of thought and work. my education and books providing me golden opportunity to express and write independently and thus, marked a full-fledged creative and human harmony journey which includes a number of eye opening articles, nazms & ghazals on various aspects of day to day life my activities regarding peace messenger  will remain continuing till my last breath. God bless me to be solution of pillar for the corporate life of our reputed institution, Indian societies and creation of god around the world in this beauty and bright world?
 I have professional interest in various schools of thoughts in Urdu literature. Area of my interest started emerging while doing post graduation in Urdu from University of Delhi. I started reading more about poetry & novel. Most of my study period was devoted towards this direction. This area of interest kept continued in my M.Phil course with new direction. I did a lot of work in the same field with progressive approach. Ph.D work was slightly activated from this direction and adopted a new specialization area in Romantic long verse (mathnavi) Attending seminars /workshop in this field in the documentary and literary proof of my interest in this profession. I also touched the clam cal field in Urdu literature. Ministry of Tourism & culture had awarded me the junior fellowship to carry out the research on “Urdu Hindi Folk Literature". My work on the same was well appreciated by the Ministry peoples. On basis of that Indian Council of Historical Research has awarded me Post Doctoral Fellowship for doing the Research on "A Study of Hindu-Muslim Relations around Partition as reflected in Saadat Has a Mantos Stories". In the last, I would like to accept the challenging work for promoting the Urdu language from different perspectives Teaching & Research have become extra forte of my life style.
My same interest has been shaped on the one hand by my own inclinations and on the other by needs of the Department since I have joined the College. My basic training in Urdu literature began early during my graduation. As one of the papers of Urdu (Hons) course, History of Urdu language, required me to read some basic book of Urdu literature and thus motivated an urge to study Urdu Literature. I was thus fascinated by the ways in which languages share their lexicons crossing the geographical boundaries. The very fact that the different root-words travel all the way from Persian, Arabic, English, Hindi, Sanskrit,  and finally through beraj with other regional languages e.t.c. route come to survive in Urdu encourage me to look beyond to pursue my career in Urdu Languages. I got the proper environment and academic atmosphere to spur and nurture my intellectual appetite in University of Delhi where I did my MA, M.Phil, PhD and two post doctoral research The courses and new ways of dealing with the course-content and evaluation system all thrilled me into becoming an academician. Various papers in MA, M.Phil, Ph. D, and post doctoral research in University of Delhi, that shaped my interest in Urdu language were. ‘I worked on several small projects and term-papers during my Masters and M.Phil in University of Delhi. Under the supervision of Prof. Irteza Karim. The main focus of my term-papers has always been to examine the complex relationships of words to other words and to sentences at large. The issue of relativity and its relationship with the other grammatical alteration in the sentence, dative subject constructions and its effect on the role of verbal inflection were some of the issues which I tried to solve in Urdu. While research scholar at University of Delhi, I was selected through an interview to teach history of Urdu to the under graduates doing B. A. at the school of open learning University of Delhi. Such an experience to put into practice what I had learned was very exciting. I thus taught origin of Urdu Language, cultural background of Urdu charms of Urdu, history of Urdu’, ‘Introduction to Urdu Literature’ to the same in the same for several years. I have had the opportunity to undertaken several field-works during MA, M.Phil and PhD research work in same University. I worked on Urdu language during my M. A. In University of Delhi, had offered so many projects to Prof. Irteza Karim of University of Delhi. To cross-examine the findings of Prof. Irteza Karim who had claimed the existence of some kentum elements in an Indo-Aryan language called Bangani. After an orientation program, which was followed by an interview, I was selected to assist him in the field for the abovementioned project. The language and its structural complexities inspired me to take another field-oriented paper in my M. Phil and I submitted a report on “Agha Shair as a Novelist” for the completion of my M. Phil, Degree. My Ph. D work, as it turned out, needed several field-works in order to have varied and intense lingual data. All these times I have developed a passion to work with the high level scholars of different languages and with all necessary field techniques, I have always been able to create a congenial environment for data collection. Later on, at the University of Delhi, where I went to pursue my Ph. D, I had the privilege of doing some advanced courses such as cultural and historical back ground of Urdu, syntax, documentary/descriptive linguistics and psycholinguistics. My research was also largely related to the examination of the complex nature of words and their syntactic environments in which they are patterned to make up sentence and finally the discourse. I had the chance to learn the streaks of professionalism in academics. Teaching Urdu as a modern Indian language in the Department of Urdu, enabled me not only to use the techniques and tools of linguistics in my teaching (such as sound-system, structure of the syllable, words and sentences) but also helped me gain a first hand insight into the problems of syntactic constructions such as conjunct verb construction, infinitives and the small clause-construction in Urdu. Seen as a modern Indian language from the perspective of the learner. I submitted my PhD in the Dept of Urdu University of Delhi. And the thesis of Ph. D &M. Phil Dissertation and other collection of Articles have been under published by reputed publications New Delhi. I am very happy to report that Prof. Irteza Karim, Head, Department of Urdu has written the foreword for the book. He accepted my request to do this as he had read the draft of my same scripts. Before joining the Department of Urdu, Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi, I was selected in a reputed research institution which is out of India. However, I took up the job at University of Delhi, considering the fact that I would be able to finish my post doctoral work within the stipulated time-limit if I work in University of Delhi in general and the Department of Urdu Kirori Mal College in particular has provided me a very strong and healthy environment of growth and a good opportunity to further shape my research interest.  I have been teaching several papers of Urdu language & literature. They include ‘history of Urdu, Urdu culture, Urdu society Urdu prose & poetry, in the Department of Urdu School Open learning DU). I have also helped the Department to carry out intensive field-works on several assignments. In addition to my regular teaching assignments, I have also in contributed to other regularly organized programs of the Department. I have thus taught History in such programs to Indian students. Teaching these classes always has helped me to practice the theories of most of the core areas of Urdu literature. The feed back from the programs have enriched my point of view of analyzing the corpus. It has also given me insights into the area of interference and the typological similarity of the target and source language, despite the fact that innovate in language teaching in addition to the direct method of teaching mostly followed and used within teaching of Urdu and English. I am working on the role of Urdu language in promotion to nationalism which has been accepted for publication by a reputed publisher. The book contains a precise and in-depth account of historical study of the Urdu language. I am also having planned to work on a text-book–“Introduction to Urdu Language for Foreign language learners” which will help the learners to accelerate their process of learning the foreign language. The work has also been already accepted for publication by a reputed publisher. The publisher has also promised to bring out a foreign print. To keep the price of the book affordable not only for the students in sub-continent also for all over the world.
You will be happy to read the opinion of my Guide Prof. Irteza Karim who is my elder brother that “As Researcher Dr.Yahya Saba is well known not mainly in Urdu also other subjects. He deeply committed to its aim of setting the highest literary standards by recognizing good literature and also establishing a deep culture bond among various languages and communities of India through his work and contribution. Published work of high quality in different Urdu news paper and journals which are significant contribution to knowledge. He is actively engaged in research and teaching at University level since ten years. He want to introduce innovative concepts to provide a multi-disciplinary profile and to allow a cafeteria like approach including initiating new research to cater to frontier development in the concerned subject to combine the practical requirements of research in the Indian academic context with the need to observe high standards to provide knowledge in the frontier areas of their disciplines, it has also been aimed to combine the goals and parameters of global knowledge with pride in the Indian heritage and India’s contribution in this context. The purpose of my research has been to provide a broad common framework for exchange mobility and free dialogue across the entire Indian research community. This research will provide a spirits of openness and continuous improvements create thoughts and actions in the mind of the people of nation so that they live united. Guide peoples a path of life with righteousness as righteousness gives the strength of character. Help all religious leaders, philosophers, politicians, historians, academicians and researchers of India to give strength to the people to combat the divisive forces. Guide Indians to develop an attitude to appreciate different ideologies and transform enmity among individuals, organizations’ and nations, into friendliness’ and harmony embed the thought; nation is bigger than the individual in the minds of the leaders and people. people to work with perseverance to transform the country into a peaceful and prosperous nation, a large scale attempt on our part to contribute to harmony in society and will help us always to maintain harmony in world, his research will convert our beloved country into a love garden from which whole world will take a holy lesson of love and peace which is the main sources of national integration and reconstruction”  moreover examine closely my research, work and contribution in Urdu literature, through my bio-data and autobiographical account which attached with this application. I hope that you and all the Urdu loving people will appreciate the work done continuously during my academic years in preparation and regular keeping myself update I am all the time making every possible effort to promote Urdu language and Urdu literature all over the World. My sincere efforts are also to make Urdu very much popular among the young people as well as among the people of all the age groups and, the people belonging to different nationalities and countries. If possible, please e-mail this message to your friends, Urdu poets, writers, journalists, editors, media, education, computer experts, senior Teachers students, all the professionals and to all the lovers of Urdu language and literature. You may become the member of my co-operation circle which participates actively in literary discussions. I have requested all the poets, writers, education, media experts, all the professionals, Urdu loving people, friends, well wishers etc. to keep regular contact with each other so that all of us may work united in every corner of the World to promote Urdu and, to make it more popular everywhere.

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