Sunday, December 23, 2012

Respected Bhayya Dr. Shoaib Raza Saheb Assalamo Alekum

Respected Bhayya Dr. Shoaib Raza Saheb Assalamo Alekum
Chief Editor
siyasi taqdeer,

Respected Sir you are well known around the world and very active in the literary field, I request to you that if you are holding or will be hold under the kind of your any friend any where any literary event and function like Mushairah, convention please strongly recommend the name given below.
Language is the main source of communication and expression of ideas and thoughts of the people and literature is the most effective tool to disclose a person’s emotions and feelings that represent, at large, the environment and society around that person. Urdu language and literature has a long and colorful history that is inextricably tied to the development of that very language, Urdu tends to be heavily dominated by poetry. We wish to develop and enlarge Urdu language ability in the masses and to promote literary interest in creating and expressing their feelings and emotions in their teaching, learning, writings and research all over the world through your world fame daily news paper namely

I appreciate your intelligentsia and nobility that this is the language, which really needs now to nurture at every aspect. We believe that, you are the right person who will enrich this language with your intellectual power and proper guidance. I wish you and your family all the best for the noble cause that you bring for inter-national harmony for the sake of inter-national community through this language. May God bless you more power to enrich the people of whole community of the world.

Your life will be an inspiration for the coming generation till the end of this immortal world you are the guiding light of new-age world. Your dedication and commitment to build a dispute free peaceful world every human being can be proud of will never be forgotten. A guileless soul and an honest visionary, we all will always remain in the heart of coming generation.

Your writings and contribution are the high level solution of the day to day problems for the creation of God. Your Lot of works / writings, which are not only fountain source of patriotism and humanity also top ranking prescription which are supper level asset and better than any religions.

May god bless you to be solution of pillar not part of the problems for the human beings in this world? Respect and Love each other unto Death.

Dr. Nasir Malik Sb.
The Editor, Urdu Sukhan
Director, Art Land, Girls College Road, Chowk Aazam, District Layh, Punjab Pakistan
Pin Code 31450
Mob: 0092-302-7844094
Off: 0092-606- 372557
With best regards and        
Thanking you in anticipation of a positive response from your side,
Yours sincerely
Dr. Syed Mohd. Yahya. Saba
Dept. of Urdu
Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007

Mob: No: 09968244001

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