Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Abnormal Phobias: It's the conclusion of the world!

Every one supposed and ended these days’ man lives in venturousness and self-interest here is no hesitation there will be an end soon. The massacre of man has exceeded all limits and so will destruction come soon. The Vedas of Hindu mythology has said it all long ago and so also has harbormaster  Love for humanity; love for life has kept the previous generations going till now. . 
Today man is nothing but a big animal of cruelty. A bundle of pretence and show. There is no real love left. Be it the lord of universe the mighty Allah, the lord venkateswara or lord Shiva or the lord Jesus or guruji. Many have seen a good path for this cruel man in many ways but today all have forgotten the truth. Every county is of the will of destroying others but few have thought of human love and affection. The end is not far for the dispersal dot has been reached. If not now it will be soon. Then all man and life will it is simplify the end, if god says no to oxygen that will be the end. All will agree. Who gave us the oxygen to live who gave you light and life? What is the meaning of life and death? There is no answer to it till now .and no religion has given a proper answer till now.

We humans have made this earth and life nothing but evil with so much greed and selfishnishness. With a bundle of casts and creeds and dislike to each other. We made this earth an evil place to live. Well all the gods have has enough of this evil ma this time if not now will come to an end soon.

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