Sunday, December 22, 2013

Please spread peace around the world

Respected Sir/Madam brother be bound for interfaith peace all over the world in the light of evolution theory we all human must try to provide a forum for proactive interfaith engagement, where religious differences can be transformed from a source of division and conflict into a wellspring for positive social change.
In exploring this area, we will find and be able to contribute to stories of success in interfaith peace building. These emanate from both inside and outside of our network, and include references and links to other like-minded groups and services. We will also find articles of interest, training resources, blogs (The Latest) and forums in which effective tools and practices are shared. Our intention is to expand the ability of people of diverse traditions to generate a culture of peace on our shared Earth. Every contribution to the site and to our work will make the possibility of peace more real.
Each of us, called people, is self-funding, gathering scarce local resources and mobilizing masses to tackle the most critical issues facing human communities. But they rely on the our network a system of all regions staffed by highly skilled and dedicated scholars to keep them connected to one another and the outside the country around the world, and give them the leverage to make an ever increasing impact on the ground.
Our brothers please help to human develop coordinated strategies for solving shared issues bring visibility to masses’ work organize local conferences and trainings and bring people together to form new friends. Their hard work has paid off: The size of our network has increased many-fold in just fewer existences, and we are currently growing at a rate of standard percent per year.

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