Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Allah orders in Quran to Stand Against the Unjust

Allah orders in Quran to Stand Against the Unjust,To Stand against the Unbelivers, To Stand Against the Oppressors,To Stand against the enemy of Allah and Allah has promised victory and also said that Allah will disgrace them through you in Ayath 14 of Surah Tawbah (no 9) Salam to Sayeda Zainab Binte Masooma who practically explained the Tafseer of this Ayath By Standing Against the biggest Zalim in the History YAZID ibne Mawiya, Salam on Sayeda Zainb who sacrificed her only sons, Her most beloved Brothers, Even her Veil but yet protected the Imamate and Islam and Allah also receprocated by disgracing Yazid Ibne Mawiya and zulum through the Hands of THE BRAVEST, THE COURAGEOUS, THE PIOUS SYEDA ZAINAB BINTE IMAM ALI A.S May our Sisters,Mothers,Daughters be sacrificed on You O SAYEDA we will stand against all the sons of Yazid who are a threat to your Shrine and protect it till our last Breath and Allah shall disgrace them through the Followers of Seyada ZAINAB O my sisters and mothers keep up to your veil and proof to the world that Syeda and her sacrifice is Alive in our Hearts SALAM YA ZAINAB BINTE MASOOMA

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