Saturday, April 20, 2013

Message from a Professor of chemistry Dr. Man Singh

His Excellency: regarding the interest of Dr. Mohammad Yahya Saba as I know him, Dr. Md. Yahya is an eminent scholar of high quality published works which are an international asset and documentary proof around the Urdu world. Since a decade he is actively engaged in teaching and research his numerous internationally fame published work is the asset of academia. Including Experience of guiding scholar and students for research at under graduate, post graduate, Master of Philosophy and doctoral level, his contribution to educational innovation, design of new curricula and courses, and technology–mediated teaching learning process. His academic performance is much and more from Academic Performance Indicator and Performance Based Appraisal System, he is an outstanding professional, with established reputation in the field of Urdu language and literature, his significant contributions to the knowledge in the Urdu and allied relevant discipline, to be substantiated by credentials.
As I know he belongs to the world of academia; superior, dignified and standard writing is your favorite hobby from childhood. he try to channelize and explore his content with rational thoughts in simple, lucid and effective terms that it becomes a touchstone to the readers for the construction, empowerment and establishment of human societies across the world. Through his creative writings which are based on the pillars of realism and truth the world seem to see the brighter space all around, so he writes principal problems of our deprived societies  and for this let there be his mind with anonymous positive comments that will inspire others to write more for high brand reader of the world.
I feel like praising and appreciating his ability and intelligentsia; my good wishes to him and May God bless him and bring to be much more opportunities to spread his voice around the world.
Once on a academic meeting he discussed regarding his interest in academia and said that, ‘’Sir couple of years before Academic performance indicator and Performance Based Appraisal System came into existence on September 01, 2010, 08:06:29 pm.
As we all know about this new regulation by University Grant Commission for the recruitment of University and College Teachers across the motherland; hence enforced now I am involved as well as so much keen in earning lot of points through the under mentioned researching, reading, writing, teaching, learning, and academic process and sources.
In this respect, my earnest desire is to attend and present my research oral paper in number of international conferences, to publish so many articles of mine in different reputed referred Urdu journals in order to include my name in lot of National and International Urdu journal’s editorial board.  As member in board of reciprocal consultation, adviser, joint chief, patron / joint patron, Guest editor, Assistant/Associate / Compilation Editor /  joint editor, managing director, Deputy Editor, Resident Editor, Media Officer. Public Relation Officer, and any kind of designation regarding editing, managing and publishing of the journals this is special request as to kindly give my name in different committees in your university and institution or recommend to others etc.
Sir you are well known around the world and very active in the literary field in future if you are holding or under your kind or under your any friend around the overseas any where any literary conference please strongly recommend my name for above all academic activities, for in the light of Academic Performance Indicator (API) and Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS), it’s my academic need there will be no barrier  regarding air ticket because I will manage my round trip air fare myself.’’
I appreciating the  intelligentsia and nobility of Urdu lover that this is the language, which really needs now to nurture at every aspect. I  believe that, they are the right person and will enrich this language with their intellectual power and proper guidance. I wish them and their family all the best for the noble cause that they bring for inter-national harmony for the sake of inter-national community through this language. May God bless them more power to enrich the people of whole community of the world.
There’s life will be an inspiration for the coming generation till the end of this immortal world they are the guiding light of new-age world. Their dedication and commitment to build a dispute free peaceful world every human being can be proud of will never be forgotten. A guileless soul and an honest visionary, they all will always remain in the heart of coming generation.
Their writings and contribution are the high level solution of the day to day problems for the creation of God. their Lot of literary works and writings, which are not only fountain source of patriotism and humanity also top ranking prescription which are supper level asset and better than any religions.
May god bless them to be solution of pillar not part of the problems for the human beings in this world? Respect and Love each other unto Death.
I pray to Holy God their intellectual practices of multilingualism will be a concern for core academic communities, because multilingual scholars are a main pillar of global scholarship they make unique contributions that help reform, expand, and enrich the knowledge base of core disciplinary communities this is certainly a widely accepted idea For example, writers, if all knowledge is situated and personal, then periphery perspectives on different disciplines may provide unique insights also views the situation’s of multilingual scholars in their local communities as strength and notes, it affords uniqueness and closeness of perspective in my point view as above cited multilingual scholars enrich the knowledge base of core academic communities in two important ways one they write about things that mainstream disciplinary communities do not know of and two through accessing works that mainstream academic communities and they draw attention to untapped or unknown resources.
In the light of above statements, it can be argued that limited participation of multilingual scholars in global scholarship will impoverish knowledge production Therefore, it is important that the particular difficulties of multilingual scholars be made public so that the research field can identify ways to help these scholars maintain visibility in the academic forum and contribute more to the core knowledge base.
Therefore, I congratulate him that, he is one is the best multilingual scholars of global scholarship continuously he is giving their best unique contributions to the scholars those are belongs to the world of different languages and literature. God bless him more and more opportunity to enrich the whole community and Languages and literature around the world.
Sir, once again I feel intensely like appreciating his scripts and writings with generously it will be written in golden words how much I am happy to read his writing and listen his speech that I have no words to praise him and thanks in future it will play a key role to build-up a high-level good relation between India and other country through a bridge of love and peace.
With folded hand I request you to kindly assign him any type of academic and administrative assignment from your department / University/Institution based on teaching, researching, writing and learning process in the light of the  University Grant Commission norms implemented by same as above cited in reference to  Academic Performance Indicator (API) and Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS) these are the things will play key role  to earn point and for good academic record and hold the position like Associate Professor, Professor, Emeritus Professor and Professor Adjunct and other administrative post and also kindly recommend his name to your other eminent academia editor friends, University and Institution all around the world for the same.        
Academic performance indicator and Performance Based Appraisal System
came into existence on September 01, 2010, 08:06:29 pm
as we all know about this new regulation by University Grant Commission for the recruitment of University and College Teachers across the country enforced.
I appreciating the Following Vision and Objectives which must to be followed by a ideal Teacher.
Vision: Language is the main source of communication and expression of ideas and thoughts of the people and literature is the most effective tool to disclose a person’s emotions and feelings that represents, at large the environment and society around the persons. I wish to develop and enlarge language ability in the students and to promote literary interest in creating and expressing their feelings and emotions in their writings.
To develop linkage program with the Urdu departments of various Universities of Asia, Europe, Africa and America Continents.
Formation of the Linguistic department with collaboration of Urdu department.
Formation of the department under title comparative study of literature written in Indian languages.
Formation of the Department under title comparative study of literature written in euro Asian Languages.
Formation of the Institute of Composition and translation for fulfilling the curricular requirements of the various disciplines of the University.
Objectives:  Teaching of the National Language of different academic levels as the compulsory subject.
Teaching of other Indian Classical Poets through Urdu for National Solidarity and oneness. Offering of B.A (H) (4, years program) M.A, M.Phil, and Ph.D Programs in Urdu in order to promote comparative studies, research activities and awareness among the scholars.
To enhance the skill of communication thought writing & speaking among the students and to encourage them in participating research and analytical studies of socio cultural subjects.

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