Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Tombstone of Sayyid

O you whose life is confined in the material world O you whose soul is imprisoned in the cage, Look at the freedom of this garden's warblers, Look at the prosperity of those once desolate, This is the congregation with which I was concerned, This is the reward of patience and perseverance, My tomb-stone is ardently desirous of speech, look !, At this tomb-stone's inscription with insight look !, If your aim in the world is din's education, Never teach your nation world's abdication, Do not use your tongue for sectarianism, Resurrection Day's tumult for booty is stalking, Your writings should pave the way for unity, Beware! No heart should be hurt by your speech, In the new congregation do not start old tales, Do not start again what are now unacceptable tales, Listen to my advice if you are any statesman, Courage is your support if you are a leader of men, Hesitation in expressing your purpose does not behoove you, If your intentions are good you should not fear anything, The Mu’min's heart is clear of fear and hypocrisy, The Mu’min's heart is fearless against the ruler's power, If your hands do hold the miraculous pen, If your heart's cup is clear like the cup of Jam, You are a Divine pupil! Keep your tongue immaculate!, Beware, Lest your prayer's call remains unanswered!, With the miracle of your verse awaken those sleeping, Burn down falsehood's produce with the flame of your call

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