Thursday, July 7, 2016

Difference between Good and Bad

Difference between Good and Bad
Good and bad are integral elements of our life and remain with us throughout. What is good for a person may be bad for another and so it is a subjective issue and nothing is absolutely good for all (and vice versa). There are good and bad in every aspect of life, and it is hard to escape from anything without being judgmental and categorizing it as good or bad. On the whole, a society sets the norms for good and bad and guide people in their lives. But people never try to delve deeper to analyze the differences between good and bad and accept things at their face value. Let us take a closer look.
Why does a class teacher refer to a student as good in front of all others and another as bad? It is to let all students know what is good and what is bad, and encourage them to become good. So they get appreciation and admiration of those who matter. The same principle applies to adults in life later on as there are norms and laws to deal with bad behavior. While some people exemplify good behavior and they are treated as model citizens, there are many who face the wrath of the administration in the form of sentence of prison and financial penalty when they exhibit bad behavior, which is not acceptable to the society.
We become accustomed to the bifurcation of good and bad in all aspects of our life and unless we decide or finalize something as good or bad, we are not comfortable. In fact, we make stereotypes for this very purpose and categorize people around us as good or bad to sort out our friends and those whom we do not like. In fact, there are qualified people who indulge in this very exercise, to earn a living. They separate the good from the bad to let others know and deal with things accordingly. Because of the efforts (or shall we say subjective liking and disliking) of some people, we are helped in no uncertain means and know beforehand what is good and what is bad for us.
Thus, we have good food and bad food, good and bad music, good and bad writing, good and bad films, good and bad actors, good and bad rulers, and so on. We are left on our own rarely. Perhaps food is one category where we decide on the basis of our taste buds what is good and bad, though even here there are nutritionists and doctors who keep telling us what to have and what to avoid. Similarly, when it comes to clothing, we tend to follow fashion as we are told what is good (in fashion) and what is bad (out of fashion).

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