Thursday, September 24, 2015

Message of Edul-Adha

Message of Edul-Adha
I would like to extend my heartiest greetings to all my friends on the occasion of blessed seasonal pilgrimages to Mecca Hajj pilgrimages and the Eid of Sacrifice. It is an ancient tradition going back to Prophet Abraham (pbuh), father of all three Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son to please and submit to the Will of the Creator and instead sacrificed a lamb that appeared on the spot where he had laid his son for that purpose. Thus started this tradition of sacrificing an animal to show devotion and dedication to the Will of the Creator which is followed all over the Muslim world to this day. The Creator of us all revealed to his last prophet Muhammad (pbuh) almost a thousand and a half years ago that neither the blood nor the meat of the animal reaches the Creator but it is the piety, charity, and the spirit of sacrifice that reaches Him. Yet Muslims have turned this tradition into a commercial enterprise where prices of animals are beyond the reach of poor people and trading of animal hides has become the main focus. The spirit of sacrifice is central to religious experience and a cornerstone of charity. Let us devote ourselves today to the real purpose of this Eid of Sacrifice and celebrate it with love for the fellow human being and not just for the sacrificial lambs.
Today’s Message of Edul-Adha is Peace, Building kind, mutual admiration to respect one another and restore natural environment in the light of Islamic tradition at that time of prophet Ibrahim when Qurbani come into existence God said prophet Ibrahim to do scarifies which is your loved prophet Ibrahim started scarifies to his son Ismail but strategically God made a miracle and provided scapegoat to prophet Ibrahim for scarifies similarly scapegoat became loved for prophet Ibrahim but today money is much more loved instead of Goat for creature.
So that Respected brothers in the name of Qurbani On the occasion of Edul-Adha please distribute money among poor and downtrodden people in our societies and Organize blood donation camp for dengue fever sufferer in the light of humanity this kind of our good work will build a healthy, dispute free and peaceful societies in the world.

This is the call of time our this excellent effort is the high level solution for the protection of our brotherhood which are not only fountain source of patriotism and humanity also top ranking prescription which is supper level asset and better than any religions.

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