Saturday, August 9, 2014

We all humanity of the world and antiapartheid people condemn Israel's aggression

Gaza is passing through a most volatile situation, unprecedented atmosphere of confusion and chaos, loot and arson, hatred and bloodshed for last many times. The open dance of death and destruction is almost un-abated. The death of children and number of orphans is increasing manifold and the length of graveyards crossing boundaries with every passing day. The screams of helpless widows and orphans, are catching no attention of a noble and Godly heart. The land of prophets and Sufis, once an example of peace and communal harmony, mutual co-existence and tranquility, has now become the land of uncertainty, turmoil and bleeding hearts.
The helpless noble souls are shedding tears of blood and helplessness prevails over all noble minds. Some innocent children and people, as a matter of routine, are laying their lives in blasts or hand grenade attacks, others are sacrificing their lives in cross firings for no fault on their part.
Under these circumstances, why not world communities are endeavoring to bridge up the gap between individual-to-individual, community-to-community and region to region for a log period. The Gaza is also taking every step to re- establish the human values and eroded faith among the world communities. humanity should try to process of ensuring dialogue between whole countries of the world and People of the Gaza for lasting peace through non- violence propagated by the ideology of father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi and Practiced by Moulana Azad, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia etc.
Today, when galaxy of intellectuals, thinkers, scholars and peace loving countries men not only from the less country but also from other more whole nation of the world have put their heads together yearning peace, hope the Gaza is approaching day and night, all the political parties, social and religious groups and all schools of thoughts all over the world with the appeal to rise above their levels in the larger interests of unity and integrity of the nation and support the peace.
So that we all humanity of the world and antiapartheid people condemn Israel's aggression to the people of Gaza and urge you and the masses of the worlds to take action to stop Israel's war crimes because this human catastrophe, genocide against non combatants’ civilians by a blatant military power.
Children are victims of this aggression of Israel; we all condemn Mr. Harper and Mr. Baird to take part from aggressor side in pretext of self to protect. Please do not take part the same action as Pharaohs did with Sons of Jacob (Peace on him) in Egypt to save and survive for their dynasty and reign.

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