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Respected Brother
Ibrahim ibn Muhammad was the son of Muhammad and Maria al-Qibtiyya. He was born in Madinah in the eighth year of Hijrah [AD 629-320]. On the seventh day after his birth The Prophet slaughtered a sheep to celebrate his ‘Aqiqah, got his head shaved, and distributed as alms a sum of gold equal in weight to his hair. He was named after Prophet Ibraham (as). The child was placed in the care of a wet nurse called Umm Sayf, wife of Abu Sayf, the blacksmith, in the tradition of the Arabs of the time, to whom Muhammad gave some goats to complement her milk supply.
After the Battle of Tabuk, Ibrahim fell seriously ill. He was reported as being either sixteen or eighteen months old. He was moved to a date orchard near the residence of his mother, under her care and her sister Sirin. When it was clear that he would not likely survive The Prophet
was informed. The Prophet was so shocked at the news that he felt his knees could no more carry him, and asked `Abd al Rahman ibn `Awf to give him his hand to lean upon. He proceeded immediately to the orchard and arrived in time to bid farewell to an infant dying in his mother's lap. Muhammad took the child and laid him in his own lap with shaking hands. His heart was torn apart by the new tragedy, and his face mirrored his inner pain. Choking with sorrow, he said to his son, "O Ibrahim, against the judgment of Allah, we cannot avail you a thing," and then fell silent. Tears flowed from his eyes. The child lapsed gradually, and his mother and aunt watched and cried loudly and incessantly, but the Prophet neverorderedthemtostop.
As Ibrahim surrendered to death, Muhammad
's hope which had consoled him for a brief while completely crumbled. With tears in his eyes he talked once more to the dead child: "O Ibrahim, were the truth not certain that the last of us will join the first, we would have mourned you even more than we do now." A moment later he said: "The eyes send their tears and the heart is saddened, but we do not say anything except that which pleases our Lord. Indeed, O Ibrahim, we are bereaved by your departure from us."
The Prophet
is also reported as having informed Maria al-Qibtiyya and Sirin that Ibrahim would have his own nurse in Paradise. Different accounts relate that the ghusl for Ibrahim was performed by either Umm Burdah, or al-Fadl ibn `Abbas, in preparation for burial. Thereafter, he was carried to the cemetery upon a little bed among others by Muhammad, his uncle al-'Abbas. Here, after a funeral prayer led by The Prophet, he was interred. He then filled the grave with sand, sprinkled some water upon it, and placed a landmark on it, whereupon he is reported as saying that "Tombstones do neither good nor ill, but they help appease the living. Anything that man does, God wishes him to do well."

The Eclipse
The occasion of the death of Ibrahim also coincided with an eclipse of the sun. A phenomenon the Muslims began to circulate by rumor as a miracle. The word went out saying that the sun was eclipsed in sadness over the death of Ibrahim. Upon hearing this Muhammad
is reported as saying "The sun and the moon are signs of God. They are eclipsed neither for the death nor birth of any man. On beholding an eclipse, therefore, remember God and turn to Him in prayer."

I am highly shocked to know the Death of Gigantic persona Respected Mr. Abubakar passed away Friday morning around at 4:30 after a short sickness at a his home Narayanpur Sakri Darbhanga. He was anguish with a small ailment since a fewer time. He was approx 80. The news about his death broadens like bonfire and people from dissimilar walks of humanity came to his home to pay end tributes.
He was a distinguished career in fields as varied as different dimension academic and social. He was a distinguished personality and social reformer, which he did for different various cast and societies at his level. All together, he had mastery over a lot of languages mainly in Urdu Persian and English. He had associated with various religious, literal, cultural, social, educational, political, and learned organizations and founded lot of educational institutions of higher learning in India & abroad. He was an eminent and ideal scholar around global community. He was worldwide fame and known as a human friendly personality. To linger this world he will possess exceptional intellect and repute in academia and societies. He was well-known renowned and exceptional scholar and significantly contributed to knowledge through his gigantic social works.  His contributions will flow till the end of this globe and will enrich the different form and source of so many language and literature and thus gaining international repute.
Broke this news on phone to me my dear friend and his Eldest son Respected Dr. Nadim Ahmad, Professor in the department of Urdu, Jamia Millia Islamia on morning Dated 30th  August 2013 at 10 A.M when I had preparing to meet the classes in the College I promised him to participate in the funeral ceremony of Respected Mr. Abubakar  on 8:30 at historical Qabrustan of Narayan pur Sakri  but failed because of some academic and personal affairs Nadim went to his village with his whole family those are in Delhi and other city and country of the world during this period I remain keep in touch till the end of funeral rites and ceremony and also I tried to contact his relatives especially to convey the message of Sade demise as soon as possible and also I remain engaged with my family for prayer, recitation of Holy Quran, deliverance and Dua Fateha of Respectable father of Prof. Dr. Nadim Ahmad, he was a highly respectable person and got familiarity at international level he did a lot of work for his family which will promote the especially Urdu, life and technological science’s academia, humanity and fraternity around the world for which his contribution is the key source as we all know all over the world. We are praying May God give peace to his pure soul at heaven “JANNATUL FIRDAUS” and tolerance to his near and dear.
As reported by of Prof. Dr. Nadim Ahmad his late father was misery with a slight of disease for previous one year, but for last one month’s he was in serious position. After treatments at different hospitals in Delhi, he was in use to other renowned hospital of India also. Regularly he had remain in the process of checkup at hospital in Delhi and back care for to home. But at last his circumstance enhanced insignificant and in few days I think he was once more admitted or checkup to hospital in Delhi and Darbhanga. He breathed his last this said morning at his home Narayanpur Sakri Darbhanga.
His funeral prayers offered at roughly 8:30 am Saturday before mid day at the said funeral ceremonies have a good ending in graveyard at Narayanpur Sakri Darbhanga Bihar. According to his will perhaps, His death is a great loss to the societies of deprived, poor and down trodden peoples I feel.
I am with my Family and all Urdu faculties, Dept. of Urdu Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007, sorrowful with wet eye and ever ready to share his successor’s emotion and feelings at this moment because Allama Iqbal said.

Dard-E-Dil Ke Waaste Paida Kiya Insaan Ko
Warna Taa’at Ke Liye Kuch Kam Ne The Karro-Biyan
Poochne Waale Tumhain Kaise Batain Aakhir
Dukh Ibaraat To Nahi Hai Ke Likh Kar Bhejun
Yeh Kahani Bhi Nahi Hai Ke Sunaaun Tum Ko
Na Koi Baat Hai Aisi Ke Bataaun Tum Ko
Zakhm Ho to Tere Nakhun Ke Hawaale Kar Doon
Aaina Bhi to Nahi Hai Key Dikhaaun Tum Ko
Yeh Koi Raaz Nahi, Jis Ko Chupain To Woh Raaz
Kabhi Chahre Kabhi Aakhon Se Chalak Jata Hai
Jaise Aanchal Ko Sambhale Koi Aur Tez Hawa
Jub Bhi Chalti Hai To Shaanon Se Dhalak Jata Hai
Tum Ne Poocha Hai Magar Kaise Batain Akhir?
Poochne Waale Tumhain Kaise Batain Aakhir?
Wish his family all the best for the noble cause that Respected Mr. Abubakar bring for national and international harmony for the sake of universal communities. he spread love peace and education around the world through his children’s he took his higher education and teach in I think Universities of Bhagalpur or Kolkata in India around after independence for a short time and at last he take voluntary retired from University service he burnt a lot of lamp throughout his ideal teaching, learning personality during his service.
May the God bless and give to their, family courage to rise up from this sorrowful blow, to stand their self and go on with ideal and dynamic life and much more power to enrich the people of whole communities of the world like Respected Mr. Abubakar.
With warm Best Regards,
Dr. Syed Mohd. Yahya. Saba
Dept. of Urdu
Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007
Mob: No: 09968244001

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